Title Presenter
A Subsidy Model for Social Media Interventions Renita Murimi
A Machine Learning Approach to Analyze and Support Anti-Corruption Policy Elliott Ash
Potential Impacts of Smart Homes with Reinforcement Learning on Human Behavior Shashi Suman
Using AI to Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes by Increasing Program Engagement through Targeted Interventions Siddharth Nishtala
Belief and Persuasion in Scientific Discourse on Social Media: A Study of the COVID-19 Pandemic Salwa Alamir
Delegation to autonomous agents promotes cooperation in collective-risk dilemmas Elias Fernández Domingos
Characterizing the Value of Information in Medical Notes Chao-Chun Hsu
Trajectories of mortality risk and association with end-of-life care quality Ravi Parikh
Applying the Principal-Agent Framework to AI-Mediated Communication: Psychological Implications Hannah Mieczkowski
Influence via Ethos: On the Persuasive Power of Reputation in Deliberation Online Emaad Manzoor
Fast Intervention Scheduling via Lagrangian Solutions to Multi-Action Restless Bandits Jackson Killian